San Diego software training courses

San Diego Computer Training Classes

san diego computer training classes

Hands-On Training

Nothing beats hands-on training. Some subjects can’t be effectively learned any other way. At Computers Etc. Software Training Center, we’re proud to be “old school.” We know that hands-on training is the gold standard. We learn best by “doing” and that means working on a computer and using programs like Excel and QuickBooks in class.

Instructor-Led Courses

If you’ve ever taken a remote class, you know the instructor cannot come over to assist you when you encounter problems. In most cases, they can’t even see your computer screen. Trying to describe your problem can be difficult. Troubleshooting an issue often requires that the instructor sees what is wrong, which simply isn’t possible in an online class where the teacher is in a different city.

san diego computer training classes

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Classroom-Based Training

Learning a new program - Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, or Word - is easier in a classroom format. It’s the way we learned in school, so it’s an approach that is hard-wired into our brains. Working on projects, guided by a patient, knowledgeable instructor, makes the learning process easier. You wouldn’t take an online course to learn how to drive, would you? You need to be “behind the wheel” to learn those skills, and the same goes for software training.

Class Schedule

Course run from 9AM to 4PM with a 45-minute lunch break. Each class meets once, but you may retake a course (on a space available basis). Contact us to see when we can accommodate you.

Classroom Locations

We have classrooms in Miramar and Lakeside. For directions, click this link: Classroom Locations. Free parking, restrooms, and eateries are nearby.

About Us

Computers Etc. Software Training, Inc. has provided software training to San Diego students since 1992 and we have extensive experience with corporate, government, military, and non-profit organizations. Most of our students, however, are private individuals who need to upgrade their computer skills to advance in their present careers or better compete in today’s competitive job market. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

About Your Instructor

Your instructor has 30+ years full-time software training experience. As a MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) – Expert level - he has developed countless software training courses and taught 25,000+ students during his teaching career. He strives create to a relaxed, supportive classroom atmosphere where students can learn new skills in a stress-free environment.

san diego computer training classes

Access Classes

Microsoft Access is a popular database program, used for storing, organizing, and retreiving different kinds of data. We currently offer Beginning Access classes, and a course on Access Queries. Intermediate and Advanced level training is available for groups of four or more.

Excel Classes

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program used for "crunching numbers." We offer full-day Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Excel courses, as well as half-day classes on Formulas, Charts, and Pivot Tables.

Outlook Classes

Our Beginning-Intermediate Outlook class covers the skills most employees need in their everyday work. Learn how to work with Contacts, Calendars, E-mail, Tasks, Notes, and more.

PowerPoint Classes

Our Beginning-Intermediate class covers about 80% of PowerPoint's most popular features. You'll be able to create powerful presentations with the skills learned in this class.

QuickBooks Classes

QuickBooks is an accounting program used by small- to mid-sized companies. QuickBooks Desktop is installed on your computer and QuickBooks Online is accessed through the Internet. We teach QuickBooks Desktop and Online versions, from Beginning thru Advanced skills.

Word Classes

Word is a popular word processing program used by companies to create a wide variety of different documents. We provide Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Word training, covering the skills needed by most office workers.

Custom Classes

We can customize our course content to suit your individual needs. Book a class for your employees and we'll train them on the skills you request. Contact us for a free quote!

On-Site Classes

We also provide on-site training for Access, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, and Word. Ask for a custom quote!


Need to improve your computer skills? Need help with a special project? We offer one-on-one lessons - day, evening, and weekends by appointment.


We provide consulting services on many of the subjects we teach. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

san diego computer training classes

What Students Are Saying

“I just want to say how great the class was for me (Beginning Excel). I had known I was "falling behind" the pack for the past couple years. My computer skills were antiquated.

Your teaching method; a non-threatening atmosphere and your undying desire to help the student learn is why I'll be back to your company. I am still in denial that we learned so much in half the time the others were charging double for.”

Raul D.
“Had an amazing time with Doug he is very knowledgeable I feel so confident in going to my work now I am someone who has no experience with quick books and after the class I am now confident I can take on my task at work would highly recommend he really helps and answers all your questions.”

Laura G.
“Doug's approach to training was easy to following and very applicable to every day use of Excel. The learning environment was comfortable and Doug was very open for questions and ensuring that all students were understanding the information as it was presented. Will definitely be taking more classes from Doug.”

Nicole T.
“Computers Etc. has taught me how to efficiently operate Quickbooks software. I continue taking classes with them which help me keep up to date with software updates. Doug is an excellent instructor & very patient, I highly recommend Computers Etc.”

Maggie M.

san diego computer training classes

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