Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are these classes hands-on?
A - Yes, all our classes are 100% hands-on from start to finish. Each student will have a computer in class.

Q - Do I need to bring my own computer with me?
A - No, we provide everything, including computers and course materials at no extra charge.

Q - Are these classes instructor-led?
A - Yes, all our classes are led by an instructor with 30+ years experience who is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Q - How long are the classes?
A - Most classes are approximately 6.5 hours in length. The exact length varies depending on the number of students and the number of questions and/or issues that arise during a given class.

Q - Where are you located?
A - Classroom Location:

6920 Miramar Rd - Suite 206
San Diego, CA 92121

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Q - Do you offer one-on-one lessons?
A - Yes, lessons are $55 per hour at our Miramar classroom. 2-hour minimum.

Q - Can I show up and pay at the time of the class?
A - No. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required to reserve a spot in any class. Your registration is confirmed once payment is received.

Q - Do you offer group discounts?
A - Yes, we offer discounts for groups of four or more students attending the same class on the same day. Please contact us for more information at or (858) 578-9476.

Q - Do you offer package deals if I take more than one class?
A - Yes, please contact us for more information

Q - Do you offer on-site training for companies?
A - Yes, please contact us at or (858) 578-9476 to discuss your training needs and to receive a custom quote for on-site training.

Q - Do you offer custom classes based on my company's needs?
A - Yes, just let us know what you want us to cover and we can provide you with a quote. We offer training at our Miramar classroom or your location.

Q - Do you provide computers for on-site classes?
A - No.

Q - Do you accept government, educational, or company purchase orders?
A - Yes, please contact our corporate office for more information at: or (858) 578-9476.

Q - Do you offer Net 30 or Net 60 terms?
A - Yes, for companies, organizations, government agencies, and the military. Please contact our corporate office for more information at: or (858) 578-9476.

Q - Is there a minimum age requirement?
A - In general, the minimum age is 18 but we will accept younger students if they are mature, respectful, and are dropped off and picked up promptly by a parent.

Q - What if I'm not happy with a class?
A - We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Click POLICIES on left menu bar to view the terms of our guarantee.

Q - What is your "repeat" or "retake" policy?
A - Students rarely feel the need to take the same class again, but you can repeat a class (on a space-available basis).

Click POLICIES on left menu bar to view our Retake Policy.

Q - How many students are in a class?
A - Our classroom seats 8 students, but classes usually don't fill up. We will run a class even if only one student is registered.

Q - Are there any training materials?
A - Yes, each class includes a handout. Some classes, like Intermediate and Advanced Excel, also include a flashdrive with exercise files.

Q - Is there an extra charge for the handouts?
A - The cost of all training materials is included in the price of the class. There are no hidden fees or taxes.

Q - What if I pay for a class and then can't attend? Will I still be charged?
A - In the event of a family emergency or car trouble, we can transfer you to another class. For all other situations we require 24 hours advance notice for transfers or cancellations. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.

Q - Can I transfer to a different class?
A - Yes, if you give us 24 hours advance notice we can transfer you to another class at no charge. Please see our Transfer Policy for more information.

Q - Can I get a refund?
A - Yes, if you give us 24 hours advance notice. No, if you fail to attend the class. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

Q - If I can't attend, can someone else go in my place?
A - Yes, just let us know who will be attending in your place.

Q - Which class should I take?
A - Click CLASSES on left menu bar to see course descriptions and see how they compare with what you already know. If you're still not sure, feel free to contact us at: (858) 578-9476 or and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our classes.

Most people assume the Beginning classes only cover very basic skills, but we actually cover many other things including tips and shortcuts you may not be aware of.

Q - I have a Mac. How different is that from a PC? Would I benefit from taking your Windows-based classes?
A - That's a difficult question to answer. There are many similarities between PCs and Macs nowadays, but there are just as many differences, especially when it comes to the user interface (where you access commands). For this reason we hesitate to make a recommendation on whether or not to take a PC-based class. QuickBooks Online and MS-Offce 365 are similar on Macs and PCs. Older versions have more differences.

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