Word training classes near me in San Diego

Beginning Word Class in San Diego

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: Word 2016-2019-365
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

san diego computer training classes

Word Basics:

Create, Close, Save, Preview, and Print a variety of different documents. Learn shortcuts for moving around in a document and selecting (highlighting) text.

Format a Document:

Change margins, justification, and line spacing. Add borders and shading, special symbols and characters, graphics and clip art, dropped capitals, etc.

Format Text:

Bold, italicize, and underline text, change font, change font size. Add bullets and numbers.

Edit Text:

Cut and Paste, Copy and Paste, and Use Format Painter. Learn little-known secrets about the ClipBoard that makes Cut/Copy & Paste more powerful. Delete text, Undo and Redo actions.

Spell Check | Grammar Check | Thesaurus:

Run Spell Checker, Grammar Checker, and Thesaurus. Add new words to AutoCorrect dictionary. Select a word or phrase and instantly research it on the Internet. Translate document into a different language.


Insert automatically updating Date field.


Add graphics and ClipArt. Learn how to make text flow around graphics.

san diego computer training classes

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