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PowerPoint Beginning-Intermediate

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: PowerPoint 2016-2019-365
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

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PowerPoint Basics:

Create, edit, save, close, open, view, and print presentations. Burn a presentation onto a CD.

Worh with Diiferent Types of Slides:

Create, edit, move, and delete slides. Change slide layout, color scheme, and/or design template. Create slides containing Text, ClipArt, Pictures, Movies (including YouTube videos), Sounds, Tables, Charts/Graphs, and Diagrams. Use AutoShape feature to draw squares, circles, arcs, freehand objects, etc. Change color of shapes, rotate shapes, and overlap shapes.

Work in Different Views:

Use Slide View to create and edit slides. Use Outline View to create a text-based presentation. Use Slide Sorter View to copy, move, and delete slides. Use Notes Pages View to add speakers notes (for printing purposes).

Special Effects:

Add special effects (Fades, Spins, etc.) to objects (text, pictures, tables, etc.) in slides. Set Slide Timings to run a presentation automatically (each slide automatically advances after a certain number of seconds). Add sound effects and play audio tracks in the background. Adjust the speed of different special effects. Control the order of events (e.g. Title appears first, Table appears second, Bullet Points appear third).

san diego computer training classes

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