Word training classes near me in San Diego

Intermediate Word in San Diego

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: Word 2016-2019-365
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

san diego computer training classes


Insert page breaks, section breaks, and column breaks in your documents. Use breaks in complex documents to control text placement and format different sections of a document.


Create documents with multiple columns of the same width or different widths, add a vertical line between columns.

Tabs and Indents:

Use the Ruler to set custom Indents and Tab Stops.

Headers and Footers:

Add Headers and Footers that appear on every page of your document. Include text, dates, and page numbers in Headers and Footers.

Footnotes and Endnotes:

Add, edit, and remove footnotes and endnotes to a document.

Hypperlinks and Bookmarks:

Add bookmarks and hyperlinks to a Word document. Use hyperlinks to link to websites, other files, and locations within same document.

Insert Objects | Diagrams | Charts:

Create and insert different types of objects including diagrams, charts, tables, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Protect Documents:

Password Protect your document so no changes - or only certain types of changes - may be made.

Track Changes:

Allow multiple users to change document while tracking those changes. Accept or Reject the changes.


Create a variety of different tables. Sort table contents, calculate numbers, etc.

Link and Embed Data | Create Diagrams and Charts:

Link and Embed data such as an Excel spreadsheet. Create a variety of charts and diagrams.


Learn how to save time using templates. Create, edit, and use a template.


Add a Watermark to a document.

san diego computer training classes

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