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Intermediate Excel Class in San Diego

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: Excel 2016-2019-365
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

san diego excel training classes

Intermediate Excel Skills:

Create More Complex Formulas:

  • Formula Snytax: =SUM('[Main-File.xlsx]Totals'!$G$3:$G$16)
  • Absolute Cell References: =B5*$D$2
  • Order of Operations: =((D6+E6)*F6)

3-D Formulas:

Combine data from different sheets located within the same workbook (file).

Link Workbooks & Consolidate Data:

Link cells from different workbooks (files) so you always see the latest information with automatic updates.

Data Validation:

Use Validation to improve speed and accuracy of data entry, set limits on what can be entered, add drop-down lists and pop-up explanation boxes.

Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts:

Use Pivot Tables to summarize large spreadsheets. Create an interactive Dashboard.

excel dashboard

san diego excel training classes

Group | Outline | Sub-Total | Multiple Sorts | Multiple Filters:

Apply multiple Sorts and Filters, Subtotal data, Group and Outline spreadsheets.

Formula Auditing

Evaluate formulas to discover and resolve errors, view the relationship between different cells, etc.


Create and edit a Workbook Template so you can base new spreadsheets on it - complete with formulas, functions, AutoSum, titles, borders, etc.

Conditional Formatting:

Use Conditional Formatting to make important numbers stand out. Examples: make negative numbers turn red automatically, or change the background color of cells to highlight certain ranges of values.

excel conditional formatting

Password Protect All or Part of Workbook:

Password Protect an entire workbook (file) or individual cells within a worksheet so they cannot be edited. Create editable ranges with individual passwords to control access.


“Doug's approach to training was easy to following and very applicable to every day use of Excel. The learning environment was comfortable and Doug was very open for questions and ensuring that all students were understanding the information as it was presented. Will definitely be taking more classes from Doug.”

Nicole T.

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