Microsoft Excel Classes

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Excel Beg (Full-Day) Click for Details
Create formulas that add, subtract, multiply, divide, average, and calculate percentages. Use Absolute Cell References and the Order of Operations. Create a variety of spreadsheets and charts. Work with large spreadsheets and add headers/footers. Lots of tips and shortcuts. $225 - Hands-on!
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Excel Int (Full-Day) Click for Details
Use 3D Formulas, Linking, and Consolidation to combine data from different sheets and files. Apply multiple filters and sorts, use Data Validation to limit user input, and Conditional Formatting to make important values stand out. Take a "Deep Dive" into Pivot Tables. $225 - Hands-on!
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Excel Adv (Full-Day) Click for Details
Learn how to use 30 of the most popular Excel Functions and take your skills to the next level. We cover VLookup, If, and dozens of other useful functions. Create basic Macros (VBA is NOT covered in class), use What If Tools such as Scenarios, Data Tables, Goal Seek and Solver. $225 - Hands-on!
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Excel Beg-Int-Adv (3 Days) Click for Details
Take all three classes and save! Become the office Excel Diva or Guru. Learn basic thru advanced skills: from basic formulas to Pivot Tables, Functions such as If and VLookups, Macros, and more. Lots of tips and shorcuts to help you get the most out of Excel. $575 - Hands-on!