Excel training classes near me in San Diego

Excel Classes in San Diego

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program and its a mainstay in offices large and small. Although it can be intimidating at first, with the right instruction Excel can be mastered. We enjoy showing Excel "newbies" that they, too, can create amazing spreadsheets. You don't need to be a math genius to use Excel effectively.

san diego computer training classes

Excel Beg (Full-Day) Click for Details

Create basic formulas and functions. Create a variety of spreadsheets and charts. Work with large spreadsheets and add headers/footers. Lots of tips and shortcuts. Hands-on!

Excel Int (Full-Day) Click for Details

Create more complex formulas, apply multiple filters and sorts, limit user input, make values stand out, and use Pivot Tables. Hands-on!

Excel Adv (Full-Day) Click for Details

Learn how to use 30 of the most popular Excel Functions. Use What If Tools such as Scenarios, Data Tables, Goal Seek and Solver. Create simple macros. Hands-on!

Excel Beg-Int-Adv (3 Days) Click for Details

Take all three levels and save! Learn basic thru advanced skill. Lots of tips and shorcuts to help you get the most out of Excel. Hands-on!

Excel - Basic Formulas and Functions (Half-Day) Click for Details

Create formulas that add, subtract, multiply, divide, average, and calculate percentages. Use Absolute Cell References and the Order of Operations. Hands-on!

Excel - Charts (Half-Day) Click for Details

Create Column, Bar, Pie, Doughnut, Line, and Area charts. Learn how to edit and format charts. Hands-on!

Excel - Pivot Tables (Half-Day) Click for Details

Create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to sort, filter, and analyze large spreadsheets. Hands-on!

san diego computer training classes

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