Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts - 3.5 hours - $109

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users: Excel 2007-2010-2013-2016-365
Course Materials: FREE
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 3.5 hours


Create a Pivot Table
Layout & Design
Move a PivotTable
Filter a Pivot Table
Sort a Pivot Table
Expand & Collapse Columns
Grand Totals and Subtotals
Functions (Sum, Average, Min, Max)
Change Data Source (change range of cells, use Access as data source, etc.)
Append (Add) Data to a Pivot Table
Convert Underlying Data Into a Table
Combine Multiple Data Sources
Use GetPivotData Function
Refresh Data
Group by Dates (Week, Month, Year)
Calculated Fields (Create, Edit, Delete, List Formulas, Change Solve Order)


Layout & Design
Chart Styles & Formatting
Change Chart Type
Filtering Options
Sorting Options

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