basic computer classes for adults near me in San Diego

Computer Basics for Beginners

This class is intended for:

PC/Windows Users
Course Materials: FREE
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: Half-Day

san diego computer training classes

san diego basic computer training classes

This class is a great starting point for beginners. You’ll learn important terms and concepts, improve your mouse and keyboard skills, learn how to navigate the user interface, work with files and folders, and gain experience with the Internet, e-mail, and basic word processing. Plus, this course will help prepare you for other computer classes we offer.

Basic Computer Skills:

  • Navigating your computer
  • Navigating a typical program
  • Four most common touchpad techniques and when to use them
  • Four most common mouse techniques and when to use them
  • Special keys on the keyboard
  • How to find, open, save, print, and close files
  • How to organize your files into folders
  • Simple word processing skills
  • Use Google to locate information
  • Send, receive, and forward e-mails
  • Add an attachment to an e-mail

san diego computer training classes

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