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PC/Windows Users: Access 2010-2013-2016-2019-365
Version Used in Class: Access 2016
Course Materials: FREE
Certificate of Completion (optional): $5
Course Length: 1 Day

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This class focuses on Data Entry (using forms) and Data Filtering (using queries and reports).


Learn how to create, edit, and save a wide variety of queries and reports. This course is an excellent introduction or refresher for anyone who will be entering data and/or extracting data.


Enter, edit, and delete data in forms and tables.


Use Find & Replace to edit data in table, use Quick Sort to sort data, use Filter by Selection to locate specific data in tables and forms.


Create a number of different Queries that will sort and filter data using different criteria such as name, amount, and date. Use multiple criteria (text, numbers, dates) to narrow a search, use wildcards, use parameters, filter data by text, a range of dates or amounts, etc. Create queries based on existing queries/tables, rename queries, and delete queries. Add calculated fields that don't exist in table (i.e. a field that will calculate sales tax).


Select Queries (basic queries)
Parameter Queries (ask for user input to narrow results)
Unmatched Records Queries (records not found in related table)
Duplicate Records Queries (find duplicate records)
CrossTab Queries (summarize data in columns and rows)
Append Queries (add data to a table)
Delete Queries (remove data from a table)
Update Queries (update a large number of records)
Make Table Queries (new table based on another table)
Summary Queries

access classes san diego

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